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So what do you treat? 

Acupuncture has a wide scope of issues it can treat. Some of the most common are:

- back pain

- neck pain

- headaches

- migraines

- stress management

- pain management

- allergies

- digestive issues

- smoking cessation

- weight loss

What to expect:


An in depth assessment to determine if you are a candidate for care.

A Plan

After assessing your condition, we will set a plan specific to your goals, needs and unique situation. 

Acupuncture Treatment

An acupuncture session directed at your goals and needs, according to the plan established. I primarily use a distal needling approach, meaning I use points on the limbs. This allows for a more efficient treatment with no need to disrobe. 

Herbal Formula

All natural herbal formula customized to your unique situation may be recommended.

Many factors can play in to proper recovery, including stress levels, sleep quality, nutritional needs, etc. All on top of your primary issue! You can't heal well if you're not sleeping and unable to get nourishment. 


Being a martial artist and acupuncturist has given me an inside view into how the body works. Being able to treat myself with an awareness as both the patient and the practitioner allows me to relate to my patients and guide them in their own healing process.  

Many of my patients come to see me for "tune ups" every month. This is a way to reset, as well as keep tabs on anything that may affect your overall health.

Ideally, we want to prevent recurrences of chronic issues, which is why I recommend regular tune up sessions. It is a low risk, high value health care tool.

Acupuncture is a method of treatment that has been documented for over 2500 years. It has been, and continues to be, studied and refined throughout it's long history.


Modern day acupuncture consists of inserting very fine, sterile needles into very specific points on the body to elicit specific responses. These points are understood to be neuro-vascular nodes. By stimulating these nodes, we are able to regulate a large array of functions.


The purpose of acupuncture is to restore proper flow of blood and nutrients to specific areas, as well as stimulate systemic effects, such as the release of anti-inflammatory, immune and pain relieving substances.


As in all licenced practices, the needles are pre-sterilized, single use, and are disposed of in a sharps container. The most common size I use are 0.20 mm or 1/5 mm in diameter. Such fine instruments are used in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort, and only stimulate what is required for treatment.


Needle retention is 25-35 minutes on average.  Many patients enjoy a peaceful nap while the needles do their work. Most people are relaxed and refreshed after a treatment.


*For best results, please arrive neither with a full belly, or hungry. A light snack or meal an hour before is ideal. Loose clothing is helpful, allowing access to the arms and legs.